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Building an interconnected transportation platform that strengthens relationships between businesses and customers.

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Believe Better is Possible


Our Objectives


Make moving and pickup seamless, convenient and affordable 


Connecting local moving, pickup companies and drivers to customers on demand.


Equitable pay for drivers and access to paid leave  


"To empower people by bringing communities together."

Pilot X was founded in January 2020 with a mission to completely disrupt the current gig economy. The idea first started as a shuttle service to bring individuals to the Downtown Halifax core. After doing a lot of research about the gig economy and hearing the stories of restaurant owners, drivers, and the horror stories of commuters, we believe more must be done. 

We are a transportation platform that connects communities together, that seeks to empower all of our stakeholders and help to stimulate the economies of the communities that we serve. 


Our mission is to be an all-in-one transportation platform that believes in empowering people through movement. To create a platform where people can get everything and anything that complements transportation right at their fingertips. To bring communities closer and celebrate our unique differences.

Our vision is to constantly focus on creating the most innovative products and services in the transportation industry. We believe in creating innovations that are interconnected and that complement each other. Always focusing on what we do best and being the best at doing it.

Never settle and always set high expectations. Excellence is embedded in our DNA, and producing high-quality products and services is what drives us.

Admitting mistakes and taking action to do better.

Equity, diversity, inclusion, and ethical business practices are embedded in who we are, the decisions we make, and how we conduct business. 

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